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Ok, I’m posting!

Since my dear mother has commented to express her disappointment at the lack of postings here (God bless my wired family), here’s one for her.  New pics on Flickr, if you are a friend/family member with me on flickr.  From our trip to celebrate Mom & Dad’s 45th anniversary with them. 

In general, Max and I have moved to Facebook along with 90% of the casual bloggers out there.  If you’re not a facebook friend yet, look us up.   

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some pics

I’m in Ottawa taking an Oracle DBA course.  Spent last weekend with family and will spend next weekend as well.  Lots of pics, but here are a few of my favs thus far … you have to be logged into flickr to see ’em.

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More pics from trip!

Ok, they are all uploaded AND I’ve gone through and only shown the bestest ones.  We took 399 pics all told so be thankful that I am fixing a friend’s laptop and have time to go through and use Flickr’s stupid permissions interface to mark only some of them visible.  You’ll see most – but not all – if you don’t login, but a few are Family- or Friends-only.

When you open this pic, which is the first of the trip chronologically, click on the slideshow thingo that you can see to the right of the little pics under the word “Family”.  That’s the easiest way to see them w/o a lot of clicking.

Super awesome trip pics 

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We’re back. We miss baby. That is all. (Thanks M&D&R&T&A for a great visit!)

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road trip pics

Pictures from our mini road trip are up on Flickr and weeded. All are public, no need to login. I’m going to let Max comment on them on Flickr, time for bed for me.

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First, everyone should have a monkey plant. I love mine.

Second, pictures are uploading. Road trip was much fun, we saw many stupidly huge statues of random stuff, as well as a very tiny church, plus some other really neato spots. Will post pics once they are done and picked through for the best shots.

Third, Max rocks. My luck at having scored a builtin event and vacation planner never ceases to amaze me.

That is all.

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more photos

Okie, all the photos taken while Mom and Dad were here are now on Flickr, and only the nicer ones are visible. Go here and remember you need to login to see them!

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