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Tesla motors’ next offering is not here yet, but they’ve released details and pictures.  This is so dang cool.

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pics – almost

Almost there.  You can view a flickr photo set and associated permissions (at least the first page of one) now.  But it doesn’t *do anything yet.  In a way that’s the easier part.  And of course it has an appropriately Web 2.0 name: Quickr.

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Overall we took over 1300 photos.  They are taking a few days to upload to Flickr (it dies and has to be restarted once in a while).  Currently searching for a good, quick “review photos and make some available” application and not finding one — I’m uploading them all as “private” so you won’t have to wade through the entire mess!  But that leaves the task of picking which of the 1300 to make public and Flickr’s tools to do so require 5+ clicks per picture, OR display the pictures so small that I can’t tell if it is a good shot or not.  I smell an API dive in my future.

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Here’s our driving itinerary. Why, oh why, does AAA Triptiks online not allow you to specify a “road trip” mode and give it a route to follow? Instead, it expects you to set waypoints, so many that it can’t NOT send you along the route you want. Thank God for Google Maps, which allowed me to drag the route over to Highway 1 and moved it easily and without extra waypoints. I always liked Triptiks better than Google until now … AAA’s online tool needs a serious overhaul to continue to be a value-add for AAA membership.

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