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Ok, I’m posting!

Since my dear mother has commented to express her disappointment at the lack of postings here (God bless my wired family), here’s one for her.  New pics on Flickr, if you are a friend/family member with me on flickr.  From our trip to celebrate Mom & Dad’s 45th anniversary with them. 

In general, Max and I have moved to Facebook along with 90% of the casual bloggers out there.  If you’re not a facebook friend yet, look us up.   

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obligatory Minnesotan weather pontificating.

It’s 92F out right now in Minnesota in May.  In some parts of MN today it was 37F and others it was 97F.  Last night it was chilly with the windows open.  On the weekend it didn’t break 55F even with full sun. What a strange state this is. 

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The crisis of credit 101

This is really cool and makes it all easy to understand: The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Part 1

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My favorite conversation of the day:

Guy at work: Did you hear that the adult film industry is claiming they need a bailout?

Me: Now that’s stimulating the economy. 

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those crazy animals

There’s so much more I should probably be blogging about with all the awesome good news in the family … congrats to the new parents and to the newly promoted!!

But – this is just so fun.

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One of the coolest gifts we received this year was a crokinole game.  This game is perfect for when you don’t feel like keeping track of cards.  *koff* ergo, when drinking *koff* Anyone can learn and play it in minutes, and the only downside is a sore finger if you play too much! 

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I just discovered this great service/site thanks to a shared Google Reader tip from Deepa (thanks Deeps!)  Seems like a fantastic way to fit great literature into the mad-tastic daily grind.

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