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Why my spouse is my hero

You’ll all have to put up with some spouse-bragging, which I suppose you won’t mind since most people who read this blog are some form of relative or close friend.  Once your kid/relative/whathaveyou goes off into the world and moves in very different circles than you do, sometimes it’s not easy to understand the scope of what they accomplish.  I just want you to understand how many people Max has touched and/or helped, directly or indirectly, and continues to do so. 

This weekend was the culmination of weeks of work for Max, as the MTHC health conference (3rd year now) filled auditoriums and classrooms as Metro State University with doctors/health practitioners and with community members.  It was massive and very well rated via all forms of feedback.  Max is in the process of stepping down as co-chair after many years and so a tribute was given to Max before the afternoon keynote address by the remaining and incoming co-chair.  I captured much of it on video on my cell phone, but I need to try to clean up the audio as it is difficult to make out the words.  It was a big auditorium full of people.

Some of the key statements however were, “4 years ago we were just 3 people sitting in a room not sure what to do.  Then Max arrived, and it was like a hurricane blew in.  Many of you have worked with Max so you know what it is like — Max has the project done before it is even started.”  Generally the sentiment was that Max had grown the organization by leaps and bounds beyond what the initial group ever thought possible.  They gained their 501c3 nonprofit status, formed a board, developed and delivered professional level trainings to medical personnel, and created the Health Conference which has grown to huge proportions and is attracting all sorts of national attention and attendance.  When the other co-chair was finished speaking the place erupted in a huge standing ovation for Max.  It was deafening.

Just to ice the cake, that night at the conference cabaret it dawned on me that no fewer than 3 of the excellent acts / groups has been created by Max, or spawned from something Max had created (such as a choir that formed for the first time at a Voices conference Max co-created several years ago).  And here they were going strong years later and performing at the latest of Max’s creations.  Too funny. 

Of course this is all while co-chairing a large group at the University of Minnesota that applies to all statewide campuses, which boasted a list of achievements of its own that made life a lot better for certain groups of students and staff/faculty, and of course you know, that real life job thing.  I think I’d have to go to bed for a week just to recover from one “Max-week.” 

Max would be the first to say that there was lots of help along the way.  However the vision and passion Max brings to the table, the sheer raw determination, the complete willingness to personally take on any task that needs doing, and finally a deep commitment to creating community and making sure everyone has a place at the table … that’s what makes Max so successful and so well loved. 

You really are my hero honey!! 

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“you gotta learn the hip slang, Dad!”

Last night was a particularly entertaining evening with MeeMee.  The funniest part was an impromptu lesson in slang for your partner/b/gfriend/spouse/etc.  Here’s the best we remember it.

Ace Boon Coon: Essentially, “partner in crime.”  Like Thelma and Louise.  Which she just saw for the first time and which sparked this conversation. 

Boo: Boyfriend/girlfriend.

Honey-lover: I think a friend who becomes a romantic interest over time, or your serious partner?  Not in the urban dictionary.

There were more.  The brain cells that were supposed to remember them were too full of 80s song lyrics, unfortunately.

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some pics

I’m in Ottawa taking an Oracle DBA course.  Spent last weekend with family and will spend next weekend as well.  Lots of pics, but here are a few of my favs thus far … you have to be logged into flickr to see ’em.

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New baby cousin is here! Welcome Eli!

This is Max — I have to post once in a while.  So, I have only two first cousins, and on Friday one of them had a baby!  Baby Eli was born on Friday, January 23, 2009, at 4:11 p.m. weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and measuring 21 inches long.   Congratulations, Dana and Justin!  And my other cousin made partner at his law firm on that same day!  Wow, what a family.  🙂

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early Christmas

We had a wonderful day with MeeMee yesterday!  I cooked a Christmas lunch and we sat around and gabbed and she opened her presents.  Very gezellig (Dutch word meaning approximately “warm and cozy”). 

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Originally uploaded by tb0n3z

The dogs were climbing all over MeeMee and her friend Jonathon on the couch today and she screamed “get the camera!” so we got some good shots. 🙂 The dogs love her and her friends.

For those that don’t know, MeeMee is an exciting addition to our family through the Host Home program. You’ll see lots more of her over time. For now she seems to be settling in well, and we are enjoying getting to know her better.

Here’s another pic of her and Jonathan while the dogs redouble their efforts to get pets …

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Babies love me, really

I just had to share this conversation, well, the end of the conversation that Max and Rosanne and I just had on the phone:

Tyler: “Hey, put the phone down by Anneke so we can talk to her!”

Rosanne: “Ok …” 

<puts the phone down to Anneke’s ear>

Tyler: “Hello pretty baby!! ”  (repeat ad nauseum)

Rosanne: “Holy cow!  She just quieted right down and smiled!”

Tyler & Max: “Wow, cool!  She remembers us!  Put the phone down again!”

Tyler & Max: (more cooing at the baby)

Rosanne: “Oh my God!  She just puked all over!  Um … you know that was probably what it was … sorry.  Um … I have to go.  Oh my God.  It’s everywhere.”

All: Much hilarity ensues. 

I felt special for about 10 seconds today.  *laugh*

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