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Tesla motors’ next offering is not here yet, but they’ve released details and pictures.  This is so dang cool.

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i LOVE being on-call

Just finished a quick crisis. But the fun part is that note that when first paged, I was standing in the backyard in a mixture of mud and dog****, picking up the latter. Dogs were outside. Ran to house, left shoes on back step, wash hands (bleh), fire up laptop in kitchen due to ongoing piano lessons blocking way to office. Left dogs. They commence barking like mad. I look outside. They have stolen my shoes and are running around the yard with them (usually a precursor to eating them). Run back outside during a break in the action, retrieve shoes, lecture dogs ineffectually about not stealing my shoes when I’m picking up their ******* ****, lock them on sun porch (covered in mud), resume outage fun.

Off to clean sunporch and dogs and shoes. 🙂

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“you gotta learn the hip slang, Dad!”

Last night was a particularly entertaining evening with MeeMee.  The funniest part was an impromptu lesson in slang for your partner/b/gfriend/spouse/etc.  Here’s the best we remember it.

Ace Boon Coon: Essentially, “partner in crime.”  Like Thelma and Louise.  Which she just saw for the first time and which sparked this conversation. 

Boo: Boyfriend/girlfriend.

Honey-lover: I think a friend who becomes a romantic interest over time, or your serious partner?  Not in the urban dictionary.

There were more.  The brain cells that were supposed to remember them were too full of 80s song lyrics, unfortunately.

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