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Hairy the groundhog

Hairy the groundhog

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Finally got the little dood! Hairy woke up today probably due to the temp (85 deg). We had despaired of him ever falling for our humane trap, but he did! The dogs went nuts when they found him in his trap, and he took a quick trip to the Humane Society who will either release him or humanely euthanize him if he can’t be released.

It’s driving me nuts that I can’t find his second entrance. I filled in the first one, and it’s undisturbed. We are NOT discussing the fact that this could be a second groundhog. Still, the trap is going back out for a while if it stays this warm.

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Babies love me, really

I just had to share this conversation, well, the end of the conversation that Max and Rosanne and I just had on the phone:

Tyler: “Hey, put the phone down by Anneke so we can talk to her!”

Rosanne: “Ok …” 

<puts the phone down to Anneke’s ear>

Tyler: “Hello pretty baby!! ”  (repeat ad nauseum)

Rosanne: “Holy cow!  She just quieted right down and smiled!”

Tyler & Max: “Wow, cool!  She remembers us!  Put the phone down again!”

Tyler & Max: (more cooing at the baby)

Rosanne: “Oh my God!  She just puked all over!  Um … you know that was probably what it was … sorry.  Um … I have to go.  Oh my God.  It’s everywhere.”

All: Much hilarity ensues. 

I felt special for about 10 seconds today.  *laugh*

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Hibernation facts – fascinating and well-written article

Just found this article on hibernation (with a focus on groundhogs of course), it’s fascinating and really well done.

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Harry (or is it Hairy?)…

So, we have this groundhog.  We’ve called it Harry.  It has grown quite humongous over the last few weeks when we catch a glimpe of it in the backyard.  It has taken over a part of our garage, where it has dug a nice deep hole to who-knows-where.  After much discussion, we have decided to attempt a catch and release program… so Tyler purchased a live trap (a big cage, really) over the internet and he set it up tonight, with some fresh fruit and veggies as bait.  We’ll let you know

At the Minnesota Zoo

At the Minnesota Zoo

what happens!  We’re afraid perhaps Harry has already started hibernating, despite our recent warm days.

Unrelated to Harry, we had a nice weekend visit from my dad Bill, and step-mom Ruthann, this past weekend.   We went to the Minnesota Zoo on Saturday and saw many wonderful and amazing animals, and the new exhibit on “Russia’s Grizzly Coast” with 3 grizzly bears, 2 Amur Leopards, Sea Otters and Wild Boars.  As usual, Dad took a whole lot of amazing pictures of animals and landscapes — but this is one of only about 3 pictures of people we got with his camera that day!  I’ll include one of his best animal pics too.

just sitting around at the MN Zoo

just sitting around at the MN Zoo

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More pics from trip!

Ok, they are all uploaded AND I’ve gone through and only shown the bestest ones.  We took 399 pics all told so be thankful that I am fixing a friend’s laptop and have time to go through and use Flickr’s stupid permissions interface to mark only some of them visible.  You’ll see most – but not all – if you don’t login, but a few are Family- or Friends-only.

When you open this pic, which is the first of the trip chronologically, click on the slideshow thingo that you can see to the right of the little pics under the word “Family”.  That’s the easiest way to see them w/o a lot of clicking.

Super awesome trip pics 

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If you weren’t sure by now, here’s how bad Palin really is — take it from a whole bunch of everyday people in Alaska who are afraid to even go on record about it. 

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More baby (surprise!)

Sept 2008 Anneke Trip

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I bet she’s thinking, “Wow, my arms are about to merge with my ears. Put me down you big oaf.” But it looks cute anyway. As Uncle I had to come up with something special that we could do that would worry her mom a bit, so we did a lot of “flying baby” (which wasn’t all that risky since you still have to hold her head all the time). But it is a nearly surefire crying cessation ploy! So now Mom & Dad started using it. I’ll have to find something else. 🙂

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