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Woken up from a nap by doggy love

Woken up from a nap by doggy love

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A little photo story of two dogs and one sleeping bear. Start at the last one and go forward, because that’s how the story goes, and you know, I think I’m kinda funny and stuff, so humor me.

If anyone is on their toes, they might wonder what exactly Max was doing during all this other than snapping photos. The answer is nothing, unless you count laughing. So helpful, that Max. So helpful.


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Originally uploaded by tb0n3z


(this is tyler testing max’s blogthis access from flickr – sorry to take your name in vain, max 🙂

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TONS of pics!!!! And a few videos

Ok that was just a tease, thanks to some hard work forwarding by Mom tonight, there’s lots more to look at. Some are family-only, so login to see them.


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Pic of Anneke!!

Here’s the first picture of Anneke!!! Yay!!

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Tyler’s an UNCLE! … and Max has a niece

I’m an uncle!!! Dear Lord. So freakin’ cool. (Max is too but we cannot settle on which honorific to use so as usual we are doing with “Just Max” … 🙂

Anneke Taryn Lake, 6 lb 11 oz, 10:11pm ET 8/16/2008. 7 hours in labor. Brown eyes, a shock of black hair (runs in the family, all falls out later to be replaced by actual hair color, probably brown — I had it too).

YAY!! We leave later in the month to go visit for a week. We can’t wait!!! Yay Zanne and Tyler!! And the new Oma and Opa!!

Oh and — sorry Sweetie you get second billing today — we adopted Sweetie today! She’s ours. Names currently on rotation are Sammie, Mopsy, and Gizmo.

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dog #2

Well, Sweetie won our hearts and Matty seems to be ok with her (they play like mad all day!) so we’re going to adopt her! Perhaps this is what the shredded mon(k)ey plant foretold. Adoption fees aren’t cheap. Now for a new name!! We’re trying on Gizmo because her ears look just like a gremlin’s, but it doesn’t quite fit.

Rosanne hasn’t ‘gone’ yet but she is darn close!! We both talked to her today. There’s a good chance the day I picked (tomorrow, the 15th) will be the day. So exciting!!!

One of our friends Rupu (who recently visited) is really sick, so send good thoughts her way.

I’m going to sell my motorcycle to a guy at work. I haven’t ridden it at all this year, and it just doesn’t fit with my other hobbies / lifestyle (Max, dogs, house), plus all the gear is just too darn hot to put on in the summer. On the plus side, my computer is getting up in years (3, just had the first part fail, lost a stick of RAM) and the motorcycle money will buy a sweet, sweet new gaming rig *koff* I mean new computer to use for my new business ventures now that I have my green card.

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Max’s procedure today went really well! All is well and Max is napping lots and not experiencing too much discomfort.

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