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So we sorta got a pool. It’s little (10 ft x 30″) but it has a filter and everything. So of course we had to have some folks over to swim which turned into grilling which turned into having a fire and hanging out. I spent all day outside today, pretty much from 10am on, which was a very good way to forget about all the crazy stressful stuff at work this week. Poor Max had to work early this morning and then go to a ceremony for a friend this evening, so didn’t get to join in the fun all that much. However, we have other friends coming over tomorrow for a repeat so Max gets a second chance.

Pics to come.

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road trip pics

Pictures from our mini road trip are up on Flickr and weeded. All are public, no need to login. I’m going to let Max comment on them on Flickr, time for bed for me.

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First, everyone should have a monkey plant. I love mine.

Second, pictures are uploading. Road trip was much fun, we saw many stupidly huge statues of random stuff, as well as a very tiny church, plus some other really neato spots. Will post pics once they are done and picked through for the best shots.

Third, Max rocks. My luck at having scored a builtin event and vacation planner never ceases to amaze me.

That is all.

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This past Thursday, Tyler and I celebrated 11 years together, and 5 years since our wedding! Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun.

We had a nice mellow anniversary night — got decent takeout food and stayed home and watched an action flick, trying to keep the dog from coming between us on the couch. And we each got the other roses (OK well, Tyler got me a dozen beautiful red roses as usual, and I got Tyler one long-stemmed yellow rose and a “money plant,” which I thought was a “monkey plant” until he read the tag, and I figured out that I had mis-read it at the flower shop… but he still liked it! And what the hell, a money plant on our anniversary doesn’t seem like a bad choice, really, does it? Especially after we looked it up on the internet to make sure it is non-toxic to cats… Morty has already sampled it a bit, perhaps that adds to the good luck.)

So he’s still sleeping, but pretty soon I’m going to wake him up, because today we’re going on a road trip adventure in honor of our anniversary. I planned the itinerary (he doesn’t know where we’re going yet — but it’s a nice mixture of funny or interesting roadside attractions and beautiful places in nature), and he put together the picnic lunch. And we’re bringing Matty, our totally sweet and cuddly but anxiety-prone dog. (She sleeps part of every night curled up in a little ball between our heads with her head sharing part of Tyler’s pillow. It’s totally adorable.)

I’m sure we’ll post pictures upon our return! Happy trails!

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4th of July

In the interests of a) time and b) letting folks have any photos they want, I’m not weeding through the junk in this set of pictures. There aren’t that many overall anyway.

The party was fantastic! 50+ people showed up, and a good time seemed to be had by all. The prep work was killer, but it made us get things into shape that we likely wouldn’t have tackled all summer if we weren’t motivated by the impending descent of droves of friends from all parts of our lives. At least the back porch is usable now.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a shot of me in my Uncle Sam hat (which I was gently informed is the name of the cat-in-the-hat stovepipe hat thing … *shrug*). There is a blurry one of the bandana. And in this shot you can see the sweet banner Max made for me.

Our hose burst in the sun yesterday (sigh – Dad, you were right about which one to buy) so today I went for some of the extras as well as new hose, and added quick-connects and a splitter to everything, so now we have a hose reel to feed the front lawn and one for easy watering in the back yard. It was hot as an oven outside today, so we waited until it cooled off a bit to clean up the yard from the party. Reason #327 why having a fence rocks, since otherwise all our crap would have blown into neighbors’ yards.

Lola has a few really good potential adopters in the mix after meeting a few of them today at the weekly adoption event. Let’s hope!! She’s a sweetheart but we are probably going to take some time before trying to find dog #2 again, it is a lot of work having 2 of them. Matty freak-out of the day … apparently fireworks might still go off at some point, so Matty now refuses to go outside unless we put her on a leash and pretend we are going on a walk.

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stars and stripes

We have more American patriotic paraphernalia on our dining room table than I ever thought I’d see in one place. It feels a little uncomfortable … besides the whole raised-in-another-country thing, there’s the additional piece that Canadians as a whole make a national pastime out of looking down our noses at America’s rampant patriotism. For that matter, so do most left-leaning Americans. On the other hand, my generation did more flagwaving as Canadians and generally got a little more outward with their patriotism. Or so it seemed. Anyway. So here I am, thanks to Max and the dollar store now the owner of a flag bandanna, 50+ flags of varying sizes (mostly little), and a 2 foot high cat-in-the-hat flag-themed stovepipe hat. It’s awesome in some ways but just a little weird in others. Well, the hat is just plain weird on its own merits.

Like many things in my life, I don’t really feel like an American OR a Canadian, anymore.

And yes, there will be pictures. 🙂

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