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Finished fence

And here’s the finished fence! (first four pics that show for this tag)

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New flower pics

Flowerbed pic. And one of Doris the dog. Fence pics later, this weekend is utter madness.

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Fence fence fence fence fencefencefencefencefencefencefencefencefence. Finally. Tomorrow.

That is all. (New flower pics coming soon, the delphiniums are flowering along with almost everything else, and they are almost as tall as the porch railing.)

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new foster dog

We have a new foster dog — Lola the big bundle o’ doggie love Rottie. She’s around 100 lbs. We were considering adopting her but Matty is scared of her. We have totally fallen in love with her and now I’m trying hard to find her a home I can feel good about giving her to. Also for the weekend we also have Doris here (Max thinks I’m nuts, for the record, but since Max is working all weekend it’s my problem to deal with ;). Doris and Matty play well together but we’re not sure about whether we really connect with Doris. Time will tell. No pics of Doris yet, she doesn’t like to hold still since she’s only 9 months old. Here’s her online “ad” on

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going postal

You all have permission to slap me next time you see me for the less-than-clever titles of these entries.

Anyway — fence posts went in today (sign in to flicker to see these), and here’s a flower pic update (these are public). The peony has to be seen in person to appreciate how deep the red is. Also note the delphiniums and how tall they have grown — seems like six inches in only a few days. They are showing signs of flowering this year which was not a guarantee from what I gathered. The other snapdragons are looking like they’ll flower soon as well (only the red have thus far, the others have grown tall and not flowered). And the phlox is a mess of blooms. I guess we have something to appreciate all the rain we’ve been getting for!

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string, and puppy dog tails

Max is visiting Bill & Ruthann for Father’s Day, and I’m messing around in the dirt. Mom, remember that time you came home and your entire living room and every plant in it (around 50, as I remember it) was covered in string and tied together from wall to wall so that if anyone adult sized walked into it, it all would have come crashing down? (There’s a point to this, really.) Batman and Robin had SO much fun sliding down those ropes. Well, now my backyard looks like the living room did — stakes and string everywhere. Fence bits, and the outline of the drive-way-to-come. Matty is so confused. I’m having strange urges to go buy action figures with properly curved plastic hands meant for sliding down ropes.

The fencing contractor comes Monday to put the posts in so I have been digging out that annoying hill next to the current driveway so that the yard is flat right up to the wall, so they can sink the posts level with the rest of the yard. I took two of the cement walkway pieces out as well. Grown-over old concrete is very deceiving. After digging all around it, the darn things turned out to be a) still in one piece, b) 3×3′ at least, c) poured in place, and d) 6″ thick at the thinnest part. Only due to years of watching Dad move very heavy objects without any help — mixed with a dash of Mom-the-science-teacher — did the darn things come out of the ground and get moved over to the growing pile of crap. Yay for levers.

I went to meet a sweet Rottie named Lola today after seeing her online. I’m not sure if we really clicked, yet. She was distracted, but she also definitely seemed like she was exhibiting the classic rescue dog “people are temporary, so nice for pets but not all that interesting” behavior. Lacy was exactly like this when we first met her, but after fostering her for a month and showering her with one-on-one love and attention she had changed a lot and was much more loving with humans and more aware of them. Still, both Val and Matty were instantly all over Max and I when we met, so I don’t want to move too quickly. May have her come and meet Max and Matty and see how everybody feels.

The peony has finally shed its shell! It is a gorgeous deep red and still spreading open. I’ll try to take pics soon.

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flowerbed and pots pictures

By popular request, here’s an update on the flower pics. The entire tag “flowers” has lots more pics in it than just these, so once you stop seeing pics of our house / flowers in pots, you’re into the past. Look at the picture date to be sure.

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