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Tact filters

This is SO true.

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more photos

Okie, all the photos taken while Mom and Dad were here are now on Flickr, and only the nicer ones are visible. Go here and remember you need to login to see them!

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finally some photos

I’m uploading new photos to Flickr right now, you can see them by clicking on the Flickr photos link on the right. Remember, you have to login to see them. Right now they are only open to Family. I’ll open a few up to friends later, most aren’t too interesting and are entirely too sweaty (from working) for those who don’t *have to love us. 😉

Bucky has had a rough go of it, he has a bad ear infection but we went to the vet with him on Saturday and got some drops which are taking care of it slowly. He finally has gone almost a whole day without throwing up, and we think it is from keeping him quiet. He had been playing with Matty so much that he just kept losing his dinner. I think if we could harness him we’d solve the energy crisis forever. He doesn’t know how to stop.

Mom and Dad have been fantastic, we have gotten so much done! We have a brand new huge front flowerbed full of perennials, a new faux beam (cedar) over the exposed 2×4 in our bedroom, and a freshly ripped out and drywalled kitchen archway (I had ripped most of it out last year but never finished it off). Not to mention some fantastic housewarming gifts including a beautiful iron-and-glass outdoor dining table and matching chairs. In amongst the shopping and working we have found some time for cards and the usual fun, but not enough, so we are winding down on the fixit work and looking forward to spending the rest of the time loafing! They are napping right now while Max teaches a piano student.

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Parental visitation

… which sounds like a haunting but is not. Mom and Dad arrived tonight, road weary but intact. Bucky the six month old hound dog didn’t fare so well … he threw up twice at the beginning of the trip and then didn’t eat or drink again until he got here. That didn’t stop him from launching himself from the car toward Matty and proceeding to play like a maniac until midnight, of course. They are hilarious. We’re not entirely sure how we’ll get anything done on the house with these two clowns wrestling constantly, but there are worse things to have to worry about.

It’s awesome to have them here, this is the first time Mom and Dad have seen the house and they made very good complimentary noises all through the tour. 🙂 Max’s piano performance party is tomorrow night, so no massive dusty construction is allowed yet, and we’ll likely spend the day measuring / shopping / gardening … and of course relaxing. Gotta fit that in, Mom is determined to help with lots of projects but I’m on vacation, dang it! 😉 Of course the help is awesome and much needed, experience-wise. Dad will know exactly what to do with finishing off some house projects, and Mom is going to help us put in beds of perennials so that stuff will just ‘appear’ next year. Our only requirement is that she has to leave us pictures so we know what is a weed and what isn’t.

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little boxes

Yeah, those cardboard boxes on our porch that Tyler mentioned at the end of that last post?  I just finished breaking them all down, flattening them, and stowing them in our garage.  (Where they will live for an undetermined amount of time until they get cut to the correct size and recycled.)  But for now, I’m basking in the sense of accomplishment and less clutter — plus we can actually move through our back porch with ease for the first time in a long while without empty boxes going tumbling!  Plus it’s a gorgeous day, 63 degrees and mostly sunny with a breeze.  I would like it to stay like this, please.  Looking forward to the parents’ visit!

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Sorry about the break, we have been doing a lot of preparing for Mom and Dad’s visit! Saturday was a massive shopping trip (filled our freezer for the first time) and Sunday was the spare room. The spare room is that room where all the boxes migrated from out of other rooms as we got them more shipshape, so it was quite a job to clear it out and find homes for everything. Just don’t open the office closet! It has started to defy the rules of space and time and instead has begun to operate more like Mary Poppins’ magic bag.

We are starting to beautify the backyard in small ways, and I’ve been playing phone tag with a fence company to try to get that moving. Got some good deals on outdoor furniture yesterday, including a porch swing and a bench, and looking forward to setting it up. It will be great to have some time off.

Poor Max slammed 3 fingers in an industrial steel door at work yesterday and is very sore, so took it easy today. They seem ok but we are watching carefully. Max is off at yoga right now. I just got back from Julian and Wendy’s house … since it was rainy and cold I brought Matty over for a play date so we could run them around instead of walking. Matty’s exhausted (yay!)

Well, back to the grind … the back 3-season porch is full of empty cardboard boxes that need to be broken down and recycled.

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more fair and recital

So, grand total for the fair was 305. That’s a lot of ppl!!

And Max did *fantastic* at the recital. Just beautiful. The new space is fantastic and Max did it justice. After the last few months of Fair planning, if Max had managed to get up there and play chopsticks it would have been a miracle! As it was, it was well beyond amazing.

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