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doggie skool

Matty was a great student today in doggie class. Who woulda thunk that you could train a dog to ignore a treat six inches from their nose on the floor, in less than 10 minutes? She is such a quick study.

Now if I can just figure out how to stop her from acting like she wants to tear apart all new dogs she meets, when really she just wants to play. Sigh. She’s a living example of bark being worse than bite.

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what a week

What a week. Max is insanely busy, work went nuts for me, etc etc. We’re both pulling multiple 12,13,14, …. hour days. Weather this weekend sucked – cold and dank – which was almost nice because after a week like that you just want to hibernate and icky weather is a good excuse.

Friday night (after a 7pm work night for me) we went out to Bar Abilene with Sarah J to thank her for shoveling for us during our last few trips. They make guacamole right at the table, and it was fantastic. Then yesterday Max had to work (event was “multicultural graduation,” a special grad ceremony for multicultural students). I wandered down into the basement to do some laundry and check on the water situation — it has been really wet here, rained for two straight days, and our basement got a bit damp — and had one of those “hrm” moments that turned into 6 hours of woodworking and a new hanging corner shelf. Pics to come once it is fully stained and polyurethaned. I have no idea what I’m doing so it certainly isn’t perfect but it was fun. Then last night was Wendy’s 40th birthday and so we trekked out to the burbs to a party thrown at Julian’s parents’ house, who have a big rec room with all the fixins’ … pool table, ping pong, slot machines, PS2, poker … etc. As always, Julian’s mom Pam had a big spread of awesome food (I’ve had the pleasure of having both Thanksgiving and Easter dinner with their family and it is not to be missed!)

Max was featured in an article in Lavender Magazine!! What a cutie. Yay Max. 🙂

Today has been a day of napping and cooking for me. Max did some napping too then went to the musical instrument museum with two of Max’s piano students, and is hanging out with Max’s mentee (the U of MN has a mentor program) later on, likely to go see Coyote Grace. I like Coyote Grace but I just can’t make myself leave the house today. I like to cook a big vat of something on Sundays that we can eat all week when we don’t feel like cooking. Today’s vat is vegetable fried rice and just went into the fridge. I’ve done enough cleaning and cooking (“work”) now that I feel justified in cracking a beer (Molson Golden, old man’s beer, ha!) and playing some WoW.

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Ok so from acting under-30 to feeling over 40 (yes, I know, all our over-40 friends are shaking their fists at me right now, damnkids, etc etc). Definitely a working weekend, between house prep for Saturday night, ensuing get-together, helping Julian and Wendy out with some work on their basement today, and doing a bunch of odd jobs around the house. Max worked all day today for SPCO, always a busy/hard event. Oh and of course the highlight (grin) of my weekend, watching the entirety of the “Barbie Mariposa” movie which is about winged Barbie fairies having moral-infused adventures. Of course there was impetus for this brain-melting affair — it was part and parcel of cuddling 4 yr old Addie so she wasn’t scared during the “scary” parts.

Dad, we have our own “landing strip” now (apparently it’s genetic) … I put in some solar lights. They worked even better when I finally found the “on” switch on 5 out of 6 of them (one came switched on already). Will be calling you to discuss retaining walls; we decided we want to get rid of our steep slope out front by digging back 3-4 feet, putting in sidewalk-level shrubs, and then building a retaining wall topped by one tier of flowerbed (Mom, that part’s where you come in, advice-wise :). And we finally got that shelf up behind our bed that Dad made for me way back when. It looks fantastic! We now are sleeping under 4 plants, 2 of which are the ones that grow really long. Living art.

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Going out like you’re under 30 …

Tonight was way fun. Headed home, gave Matty a quick walk. Then Max and I went to St. Paul to the Loading Dock theater to see the opening night of a new play, Everywhere Signs Fall. It was directed by Max’s ex-Fringe-boss and friend, Leah Cooper, and written by Leah’s husband Alan Berks. It was great! Dark but very fast and captivating and something we’ll mentally chew on for days. And there was a geek character in it who processed everything by studying it … great portrait of the fallibility of ‘knowing’ as a way to control the randomness of life.

Then we raced back to Minneapolis to catch the 10pm last seating at the sushi bar at Ichiban Japanese restaurant downtown. (Apparently they have one in Winnepeg too, according to their site.) I have been wanting to go to a sushi bar with sushi boats ever since we got back from San Francisco and finally I got my wish. I love sushi boats!! The sushi at Ichiban isn’t stellar but it’s definitely edible and they keep it pretty simple so it’s enjoyable. Most nigiri was pretty mundane, with the exception of what I think was squid or perhaps some sort of shellfish like conch but not as tough (very yummy), with a texture and “cell” structure like an orange’s juice pulps — very crisp and bursty. That, and a pickled herring nigiri with a delicate silver strip of skin still on which was beautiful to look at.

After a good sushi feed we headed over to Pi Bar for some pool and drinks. Texted with Kade who was out as well and he joined us there (rematch on the pool next time, dood ;). Sam Adams has a new cherry wheat beer out that is very fruity and odd at first taste, but it definitely grows on you … it’s just a little too strong though, so occasionally you have Dimetap flashbacks … but I always loved Dimetap anyway. Home around 1am.

Considering we usually poop out at 11pm these days, and rarely hit more than a couple of places (show and dinner) on any given outing, a very good night! 😉

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Thank goodness Tyler posts on our blog so much — I’m hopeless!  I hardly ever post, sorry about that.  But I’m so happy lately that spring has finally sprung in Minneapolis, I decided that it’s time to post to the blog.  Yesterday our high was 67 degrees Fahrenheit and it was nice and sunny, but alas today only got up to 52.  And cloudy.  But that’s OK — probably we’re done with snow for a few months!  Now on to the heat, humidity and mosquito season!  I love summer. ha.  Actually, in this town we all seem to live for those few precious weeks of spring and fall.  But enough about the weather.  I am so happy to have a cat again!  Morticia hid in the bathroom for at least a month, but now has finally decided that Matty is not a threat and so she’s out and loud and back to being herself, which makes me so happy.  Today was a good day — the Bach Gavotte and Gigue that I’m playing in a recital in a few weeks are finally (!) memorized, one of the groups I volunteer with won an award, and all is well with the world.  Ah, spring.

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gory day

I was *supposed to be working from home today since I had a doc appt. That went … not so well. First there were TVs to move around (they need to go to recycling). Then I had the bright idea to trim Matty’s toenails. I cut Val’s for years with nary an issue. Not sure how it happened but on the very first one something slipped or she kicked or something and it went into the quick and started bleeding like mad. She didn’t yelp or anything, but it must have hurt. If you’re not a dog person, you may not know that dog nail wounds bleed like crazy and are really hard to get stopped. And of course, after years of doing it, I was “riding without a helmet” and didn’t have any styptic in the house. So we spent literally hours getting the bleeding stopped, then she’d lick it, then it would start again … blood on the carpets, floors, all over. Finally we put the no-lick cone on her and that was a big mistake … she totally freaked and kept re-opening her nail by dancing around to fight the cone. Then I hit upon putting gauze in a sock and putting the sock on her, then duct taping it around her knee (on the sock not her fur) so it wouldn’t come off. Presto, the cone came off and she didn’t chew on it, just licked it. She looked hilarious tromping around in a floppy sock. Finally tonight I hit on duct taping the nail itself to protect just the wound without her realizing anything was on her foot at all. She just got that off apparently so who knows what we’ll try now. Maybe back to the sock. At least the duct tape works to go outside. The sock isn’t so great for that.

The poor thing is such a compliant and thankful patient I almost had to cut my own fingertip off in penitence. Gawd. What an awful feeling.

The other thing we realized, belatedly, is that we expect to have to cut nails every few weeks but Matty is getting so much walking and playing that they are wearing down on their own. Which is good, overall.

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Matty and Murphy

Wendy took some fantastic pics of Matty and Murphy playing this weekend. Murphy is the dog that Wendy and Julian recently adopted from Pet Haven, and she and Matty have become best buds. They had backyard romps both days. Their romps are not as idyllic as the pictures would suggest … I left out all the ones that showed entirely too many teeth. They were having fun but they looked scary. 🙂 We took the pics because both of them will soon be featured in an upcoming “Happy Tail” in a Pet Haven newsletter.

Poor Max had to work 7 hours today, at an opera no less. I fixed/did more house stuff, played with the dog, had a long phone call with Mom & Dad, and cooked a roast (if you can count a 5 minute crockpot fill ‘cooking’). I’m WFH (working from home) tomorrow because I have a doc appt in the early afternoon. W00t!! I love WFH on Mondays. Mondays suck.

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