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Turns out there is still something more geeky than the hobbies I’m into out there … tabletop gaming.  🙂  Bought the intro Warhammer set for a buddy of mine who just turned 12. 

 Of course, I am secretly looking forward to painting it with him and trying out the game.  😉

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Overall we took over 1300 photos.  They are taking a few days to upload to Flickr (it dies and has to be restarted once in a while).  Currently searching for a good, quick “review photos and make some available” application and not finding one — I’m uploading them all as “private” so you won’t have to wade through the entire mess!  But that leaves the task of picking which of the 1300 to make public and Flickr’s tools to do so require 5+ clicks per picture, OR display the pictures so small that I can’t tell if it is a good shot or not.  I smell an API dive in my future.

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one of life’s most confounding questions

You know you’ve wondered, if you’ve ever eaten Chinese food. How do they get the fortune in the cookie?? Well yesterday we found out. The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco (LA also lays claim to their birth) and they are serious about them in Chinatown. We visited Mee Mee Bakery, where our guidebooks said the proprietor would show us his fortune cookie making machine if we asked. He was willing, but immediately said, “But no pictures please!” We of course agreed. It was a cool machine! I drew a diagram from memory tonight just for fun (yes, I am a complete and utter dork).

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home again jiggedy jig

We are in the cab on the way to our house. Yuck – work, life, and snow. Not much snow but still. Oh well, it will make our tans look darker, right?

On the plus side, awesome dog sleepaway camp counsellors Julian and Wendy dropped off Matty the cuddle dog this evening so she is waiting for us at home. 🙂

Today Deepa only increased her hostess awesomeness by going out to get hot bagel sammiches and muffins before we were even conscious. Then we sadly took our leave of her company and dropped off the car at the airport. We then took BART, cable cars, and buses and did Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf in 3 hours. (!) We made it back in time for our flight – barely. We had a crazy traveller day … Long waits, tourist mobs, overweight bags (slimmed them down and carried-on more), etc … But we had a blast exporing anyway.

Best part about today – finding out that the little kiddo my sister is growing will be our niece. 🙂 yay Zanne!!

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Awesome dinner at Zazie (yummy food and wine) and then scintillating convo until far too late in the AM. We had much fun, thanks G and M!! Now must sleep. Returning rental car early in the morning, then checking our bags super early and taking BART somewhere and spending some time doing one more touristy thing (not sure yet, maybe Chinatown or a beach) before heading back to the airport and flying home.

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Day 7

Today we went to Muir Woods National Monument to see redwoods! Pictures coming later. A spectacular day. We’re off to dinner with G and M now at Zazie.

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Here’s the catchup on pics from Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6! (all three are separate links) Make sure to look at the large versions of the Day 5 whale watching pictures so you can see the flukes and the bits of whale sticking up out of the water.

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